Fight Conditioning

Let's continue our theme of fight conditioning and preparation with more minute drills to incorporate in your routine. These intense conditioning drills will increase the body's ability to perform and function under intense physical stress and fatigue. If you compete in the combat arena, you know the feeling of extreme fatigue. If you perform these routines regularly, you will develop a whole new sense of fight conditioning. You can perform these routines 2-4 times per week. These routines can be combined to form a complete day's training schedule, or as part of your warm-up. I often instruct my fighters to work through these routines as a part of their warm-up. They then conduct their complete workout, which includes heavy bag work, jump rope, core training, etc.

These routines will be difficult at first. You will be tested physically AND mentally. After a few weeks, you will notice yourself performing each exercise with more power and explosiveness.

Kick Boxing Guide

Kick Boxing Guide

This is a guide that will help you learn everything you are needing to know about kick boxing. You will learn such things as all the safety tips, misconceptions, perfect workouts, all the basics and so much more.

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