Lets Look At An Example

Below is a sample week that integrates all of the ingredients listed above. This program requires 6 training days per week. Elite athletes will often perform 2 training sessions per day. For example, many boxers perform their conditioning and interval running early in the morning. They then return to the gym in the evening to focus on skill training and sparring.

Day 1 - Conditioning - Core Training - Skill Training Day 2 - Strength Training - Skill Training Day 3 - Conditioning - Core Training - Skill Training Day 4 - Skill Training

Day 5 - Conditioning - Core Training - Skill Training

Day 6 - Strength Training

Day 7 - Active rest via 8 mile walk

This routine includes 5 days of skill training, 3 days of core training, 3 days of conditioning, and 2 days of strength training. The strength training days will involve a total body workout. These workouts have been placed at opposite ends of the week to allow time for recovery between workouts. Balance training and flexibility work should be included during each day's warm-up session.

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