Punching Drills

Whether you are a boxer, martial artist, or hardcore weekend warrior, you can benefit from these fight-conditioning drills. The average person off the street cannot hit a heavy bag for a complete 3 minute round.

Well the hell with the average person! We left the mediocre world behind us a long time ago!

This basic punching drill can be performed on a heavy bag or while shadow boxing with light hand weights. I recommend 3-5 pounds to allow for maximum speed.

Punch in a non-stop manner for an entire 1-minute interval. Focus on throwing fast, straight punches without stopping. You can start with 4 rounds of 1-minute punching. Give yourself 1-minute of rest between rounds. Eventually, you can cut your rest period to 30 seconds. You can also incorporate active rest into the break period. For example, you can perform Bodyweight Squats during the 1-minute rest period. As your condition improves you will find yourself throwing MORE punches, and MORE effective punches (harder punches).

Are these drills better performed with hand weights or on the heavy bag?

I recommend both forms of training. The benefit of the heavy bag is that you are actually hitting something (which always feels nice!). The benefit of the hand weights is that you can more easily perform active rest exercises. You do not need to worry about taking off the boxing gloves to perform exercises such as pushups or burpees.

As mentioned earlier, these drills are best if performed 2-4 days per week. If you are planning a heavy bag training session, you can start with 4 intervals of punching drills before you begin. After 4 intervals on the bag, your arms will be fatigued. You can then follow up with 4 x 3 minute rounds of traditional bag work where you work on combinations and boxing technique. This form of training teaches you to execute proper technique even when extremely fatigued.

Boxing Simplified

Boxing Simplified

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