Putting It All Together

The jump rope can be used for several training purposes. You can include the rope as part of your warm-up or as a tremendous strength and conditioning tool. If the rope is new to you, you can begin by performing 1 or 2 minute rounds followed by a 1-minute period of rest.

Eventually, you should progress to 3-minute rounds on the jump rope. During this time you can alternate between various jump rope styles. You can alternate between 30 seconds of all out jumping, followed by 30 seconds of less intense work. You can repeat this pattern with one of many jump rope variations.

You can also perform each variation for 10-20 jumps and continue down the line. This option will allow you to include several jumping styles in your routine. You can also change jumping variations for each round on the rope.

For example, you can start with one round of Side-to-Side jumping, followed by a round of Running In Place with all out sprints every 30 seconds. You can then alternate between Double Jumps and slow paced Running in Place.

I encourage you to include several variations of jump rope on a REGULAR basis. Each variation will challenge your coordination and agility in a unique manner. It will not take you long to dramatically improve your condition and agility. You really CANNOT afford to neglect such an inexpensive training device.

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