Shadow Boxing Tips

For the shadow boxing portion of this routine, you should focus on throwing fast punches throughout the 30-second period. If boxing is foreign to you, focus on throwing straight punches. Alternate between a left jab and straight right hand punch (or a right jab and straight left hand if you are left handed).

Throw your punches from a traditional boxing stance. If you are right handed, you will begin with feet shoulder width apart. Take a step forward with your left foot. You will then turn the body and feet slightly to the right to form a semi-sideways stance. Your bodyweight will be evenly distributed on the balls of each foot. The knees should be slightly bent with your right heel raised slightly off the ground (reverse this stance if you are left handed, step forward with the right foot in front so you can jab with your right hand). Your hands will be up by your face, with your elbows close by your sides.

Begin by jabbing with the left hand. You will throw the punch down a straight line while twisting the arm in a corkscrew motion. Your right hand will remain close to your face as the left hand is extended. Once the jab is extended, you will return the hand back to the starting position while simultaneously throwing a straight right hand. You will throw the right hand down a straight path towards an imaginary target. Pivot the hips as your arm extends. Continue to work these two punches for the duration of the 30-second period.

If you are a more experienced fighter, you can mix in additional punches such as the left hook and right uppercut.

By integrating Burpees with shadow boxing, you will quickly learn to fight through fatigue. After a few rounds of this drill, your body will be exhausted. It is important to maintain proper punching technique throughout the drill. Keep your hands up and continue punching. If you compete as a combat athlete, there will be times when you are completely fatigued and must continue to fight. This drill will help prepare you for these situations.

Boxing Simplified

Boxing Simplified

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