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Unlock Your Glute glutes is a program designed to help the users in the reduction of belly fat. The users would only follow this program for four weeks- fifteen minutes two times a week and the program was slated to work for 4 weeks. Its main aim is to help in strengthening the users' glutes, which are the combination of muscles that strengthen the body and aid movements as well as in dealing with the weakness of the body and the frustration that comes with getting butts. The program was not created to be a quick fix. In fact, like different programs, it is tasking but not time-consuming. It affords the users to choose between carrying out their exercises in the house or at the gym. The exercises meant to be used have been explained in the book formats, the manual for the users to understand and choose the ones they are capable of doing before they proceed to follow the instructions given in the videos. In other words, the program comes in the format of a manual and videos that will help the users achieve their goal. More so, the videos are not merely videos for strengthening glutes, there are some others for strengthening your legs. More here...

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Stretching Methods tor the Glutes

The glutes can be stretched from the length assessment position. Ask the subject to apply pressure to the tester's hand by attempting to internally rotate the thigh, using approximately 35-50 of maximal effort. Give rhe subject an audible count of six to eight seconds, then release the pressure. Next, prompt the athlete to attempt to increase his range of motion, deepening rhe stretch. From this new, deeper ROM, perform rhe count again. Repeat for three to five repetitions, or until subsequent repetitions do not increase the range of motion.

Strength Training Exercises for the Glutes

Open Chain Back Extension

A strong contraction of the erector spinae, glutes, and hamstrings, raise the lower body until the entire body is parallel to the floor. Maintain a consistent curvature of the lower back. If the curve of the lower back increases during the exercise, contract the abdominals during the movement to prevent this from occurring. The Glute-Ham-Gastroc Raise. The unique value of this exercise is its ability to train the hamstrings with its kinetic siblings, the glutes and gastrocs. To perform this movement, use a GHG machine, such as the one made by the IM& M company (see resources section). To perform the exercise, assume a position on the GHG machine so that the ankles are between the two pairs of rollers, and the mid-thigh rests directly over the curved pad. Begin the movement by allowing the upper body to lower while flexing from the hips. When the torso is perpendicular to the floor, first rise up until the entire body is parallel to the floor, and then continue by contracting the...

The Text Book Of Close Combat

Cultural From a cultural perspective, the sport of boxing is very popular and the media, to represent aggression, uses the fist. These factors can lead to individuals emulating their screen or ring idols by using their fists. It must never be forgotten that boxing is only a sport. It is now a sanitized version of a very practical form of close combat. Boxing originally included cross-buttocks, choking, eye gouging, foot stamping, tripping, head butting, spitting, headlocks, kicking and arm locks.

Ten Steps To Killer Quads

Start with a slightly lighter weight than you would normally use for squats until you get the hang of this movement. Descend in the normal fashion, but on the way up, stop at the midway point. Hold this position for four seconds. Now, return to the bottom position. Come up through a full range of motion to a standing position. This movement puts tremendous stress on all the muscles of the legs as well as the glutes. As mentioned, you won't be able to use quite as much weight as with standard squatting, but what do you want to impress the other guys at the gym with how much you Very often bodybuilders will use a shotgun approach to leg training, in that they'll implement a variety of exercises in an effort to hit the muscles from every possible angle. But if a specific exercise isn't targeting the area that you're looking to work, it can wind up being nothing more than exhaustive wasted effort. For example, the Hack Squat machine and the Leg Press may appear to be similar versions of a...

Standing over head military press

One side not regarding the dead lift (DL) the beginner and intermediate benefit greatly by using a trap bar before using the straight bar. The trap bar will place greater emphasis on the glutes, quads, and hams - where as the straight bar places a lot of tension on the lower back. Mastering form is much easier using the trap bar and is a great alternative for the young athlete.

Base Exercises which Form the Ground for Improvement in 72 Arts

This exercise is a base of the Shaolin GONG FU, and in no case it must be ignored. Take a thick log for your training and dig it into the ground 3.5 CHIs1 deep, the height from the ground level should be 5-5.5 CHIs or, what is better, 6 CHIs. Put a beam 1.5 CHIs long in the center crosswise. It will look like a man with stretched arms the breast and stomach in the center, the head on the top, the beam is like two arms, one leg below. Wrap it around with cotton-wool and leather outside. A trainee stands before the dummy and employs clasps, pressing, pushing or strokes with fingers at points on the upper part of the dummy. He sets against the dummy with his buttocks and hips and pushes to its middle part. He kicks with his feet at the lower part. Imagining different parts of the body (of the enemy), employ different arms legs elbows hips knees feet techniques capabilities of the whole body must be used in techniques. This exercise can be daily trained early in the morning. It is of no...

Detailed Outline Breakfalls

Breakfall techniques use the large muscles of your body (back, thighs, and buttocks) to protect vital organs and bones from injury and immobilization. (3) Fall on your right side by sliding your right foot to the left and collapse to the right onto your right thigh, buttocks, and lat muscle. (3) Push off with your feet to roll from your left shoulder to your left hip and buttock, allowing your forward momentum to bring you back to your feet.

Abductors and Adductors

Adductors And Abductors

These muscles are named for their function at the hip joint. The adductors cause adduction (movement of the leg toward the body's center line), and consist of the adductor magnus, brevis, and longus, as well as the pectinius and gracilis. Also, the medial portion of the hamstrings as well as the sartorius may assist in adduction. The primary hip abductor (abduction is defined as movement of a limb away from the body's center line) is the gluteus medius, a small muscle which receives far too much attention from women trying to lose fat from their hips. The abductors and adductors are antagonistic to each other.

Beijings Indestructible Ba Gua and Xing Yi Instructor Liang Ke Quan

5) The head presses up and the buttocks are relaxed downward. Liang says that this alignment helps to open up the Du Meridian it ffl) which runs from the crown of the head to the perineum down the back. He emphasizes that the buttocks do not tuck under they simply relaxes downward.

Sha Guo Zhengs Single Palm Change

Pakua Sides

A) While standing naturally in the posture of preparation, the head must be straight, with the back of the neck stretched (the head is slightly lifted upward, but one must not use force), the chin is slightly pulled in, the lower coccyx is straight, the chest is held naturally, it must not be pushed out nor sunken in, one must not slump the shoulders forward or round the back, the shoulders sink with the arms hanging naturally downward at the sides, not intentionally bent or forcefully straightened the anal sphincter is slightly contracted and the buttocks are slightly pulled in. The heart is calm and the qi still, close the mouth with the teeth together, the tongue is touching the roof of the mouth, the breathing is done through the nose naturally, the eyes look straight ahead and level, facing directly south, the entire body is relaxed with the spirit and intent concentrated, the heart is quiet and comfortable, one's overall posture is natural. 1) Straight Character Eight Step The...

The Pole of a Falling Star Liu Xing Zhuang

The exercise The Pole of a Falling Star belongs to hard external exercises, it develops the hard YANG force. The training method is very simple. Dig a thick bamboo trunk15 into the ground, wrap tightly the outside of it with a thick hemp cord. Stand before the pole and deliver different types of blows (pushing, striking, cutting etc.) with your head, fists, palms, shoulder joints, elbows, wrists, forearms, legs and buttocks at the bamboo pole. Everything is the same as in the exercise Striking the Paper Block (DA ZHI DUN, see details in par. 3, exercise 1000 Layers of Paper) using various methods, imagine an enemy before you and deliver blows at his several parts of the body. It is the initial stage of the exercise. If you train yourself hard for a long time and adhere to constancy, your skin and muscles gradually become thick and strong, feeling of pain caused by doing the exercise will disappear and the spirit which was shapeless will strengthen. All parts of the body will become as...

Strength Training Exercises for the Hamstrings

Hamstrings Strength

Set up a barbell at slightly higher than knee level (use a power rack, or set the barbell on blocks). Using a pronated grip (palms facing oneself), grab the bar with a shoulder-width grip, and step back just enough to clear the rack. Inhale, slightly bend the knees, and begin the movement with one's bodyweight over the heels. Allow the bar to descend, while ensuring it maintains contact with the front of the body. While descending, maintain the normal curvature of the lower back and neck and allow the glutes to move rearward. Do not look up or down, but instead, maintain a normal head and neck alignment. This exercise is made more effective by maintaining bodyweight over the heels. Always use a controlled movement speed with this exercise. Never perform it rapidly or explosively. People frequently perform this exercise standing on a block, lowering the bar until it contacts the shoes. However, when maintaining proper spinal curvatures and knee position, few people,...

Exercise Iron Shirt Tie Bu Shan Gong

The training method of Iron Shirt is as follows you should wrap round your breast, stomach and back with a few layers of soft fabric, then massage the wrapped spots with force. Bend and unbend your elbows from time to time. Don't hold your breath. It is advisable to sleep at a hard bed at night so that the body would touch a rigid surface. In due course the body becomes strong. It is somewhat difficult at first, but you will gradually get used to it. Besides, it is necessary to make a horizontal bar in the court, dig out a shallow pit under it and fill it with fine sand to a depth of 1 CHI approximately (CHI is a unit of length equal to 0.33 cm). Train yourself each day in the morning and in the evening in the following way hang on your arms on the horizontal bar, then fall down to the pit so that some part of the body - shoulders, back, breast, stomach, buttocks etc. touch sand. During one training each part of the body should touch sand twice in such a way. You train yourself in...

Striking Target Areas

Marines must avoid striking an opponent in the head, neck, or other bony parts with the baton because this is considered deadly force and can lead to serious bodily injury or death. Instead, the legs, arms, and buttocks are target areas that are considered nonlethal. Buttocks. Primary targets are the buttocks. Avoid striking any other part of the torso, including the chest, rib cage, spine, tail bone, and groin because strikes to these areas can cause permanent damage or death.

Stance in Strategy

Adopt a stance with the head erect, neither hanging down, nor looking up, nor twisted. Your forehead and the space between your eyes should not be wrinkled. Do not roll your eyes nor allow them to blink, but slightly narrow them. With your features composed, keep the line of your nose straight with a feeling of slightly flaring your nostrils. Hold the line of the rear of the neck straight instil vigour into your hairline, and in the same way from the shoulders down through your entire body. Lower both shoulders and, without the buttocks jutting out, put strength into your egs from the knees to the tips of your toes. Brace your abdomen so that you do not bend at the hips. Wedge your companion sword in your belt against your abdomen, so that your belt is not slack -this is called wedging in.

The Legs

A useful concept is to maintain the feeling of the torso lifting gently off the buttocks and staying centred over them. This applies even when you lean forwards and backwards, as you sometimes do in bagua, so it is a tricky concept to get. Do not let the buttocks protrude, but at the same time don't obsess about tucking them in. Doing so is liable to cause tension and tends to cause the tailbone to tip forward, off-center from the natural vertical plane of the spine. Many people are built so that it looks as if their bum is sticking out when it is not really affecting their postural integrity. In Chinese martial arts, the term ming-dang means to close the inner groin and buttocks area. Dang refers to the entire perineal area, and lifting this area is often misconstrued as meaning that you must squeeze or forcibly lift the sphincter muscles. This is not a healthy exercise if done to excess and will only improve sexual function in certain cases that relate to weak muscles in that area....

Lung Pu Dragon Step

Fig. 13 -Keep the body free of the ground by resting body weight on the forearms and lower legs. The knees are maintained low behind the buttocks to reduce silhouette. Move forward by alternately advancing the right knee left elbow and the left knee right elbow. For the most part, sounds made by these motions are muffled by the costume. However, in this position one is quite vulnerable. It is therefore recommended for use in the primary ingress phase, which is beyond the enemy reach, but not beyond his field of view. In most military and paramilitary forces, this technique is referred to as the High Crawl and resembles the action of a lizard darting across a patio. In both of these techniques, the most common error is to let the buttocks bob up and down when moving. This, of course, leads to embarrassing injuries on the battlefield, and the unusual movement often attracts the attention of posted sentries.


The gluteals are one of the largest and strongest muscles in the entire body, covering the entire posterior portion of the pelvis. The largest and most superficial glutei are the gluteus maximus. The glutes are antagonistic to the quadriceps and the hip flexor muscles. The glutes function as part of a kinetic chain, which also includes the hamstrings and low back muscles, as well as the gastrocnemius to a somewhat lesser extent. Martial Arts Application. The roles of the glutes are critical in all jumping, kicking, and sprawling maneuvers. Unique Characteristics. Sources differ regarding the ratio of fasr versus slow-twitch muscle fiber in the glutes. Nevertheless, the glutes are certainly powerful extensors of the body, and should be trained as such through the use of relatively high intensity (low repetition) strength training. Over tight glutes often contribute to the toes out posture often seen in jujitsu practitioners. Over time, this excessive external rotation may...

Lifting up the ball

This exercise should be performed with light, relaxed movements. It is as if you are gently bouncing a balloon with your hands to keep it in the air. Make sure your hands lift higher than your shoulders and that the back hand's Hegu point keeps facing the Huantiao point on the buttock to smooth the Gall Bladder Channel. This movement is good for the spirit, blood pressure and mind balance.

Latissimus Dorsi

The lats are strong internal rotators of the upper arm. They function to adduct the upper arm as well as extend the shoulder joint. The lats are antagonistic to the front and medial deltoids. The lats function as part of a kinetic chain, which also includes the glutes and low back, as well as the gastrocs to a somewhat lesser extent.

Types of Injuries

Moderately severe to incapacitating pain in the muscle belly and may progress to involve other adjacent muscle groups. The first treatment consists of immediate rehydration with a fluid containing electrolytes. After beginning rehydration, further treatment should consist of grasping and applying pressure to the muscle belly and immediately putting the muscle on stretch until the cramp resolves. The calf muscle, for example, would be stretched by flexing the foot toward the head, whereas a thigh cramp would be treated by flexing the knee, bringing the foot to the buttocks. Pictorial representations of procedures for treating these cramps are presented in Figure 12-3. In addition to these procedures, adequate rest should help prevent recurrences.

Kicking Speed

Key muscle groups for speed in kicking gluteus medius, hip flexors, lower back, and abdominal obliques. Develop these muscles with side raises (foot never goes below one foot off the floor) and side lockout extensions. Lack of development in these areas is the reason why most people kick slowly, as they are responsible for the raising of the kicking leg, and the arching and torquing the occurs in the back, counter rotation of hips to shoulders, etc. This is a weak area in most people (martial artists included), and development of these muscles will also enhance your ability to escape inferior positions in grappling (as a side benefit). Do the side raises in 3 directions side, 45 front, and straight back -- while holding on to something at waist height with the opposite hand only (a table or counter).


One member places his hands under the small of the patient's legs and thigh, a second member places his arms under the patient's back and buttocks, and the third member places his arms under the patient's shoulders and supports the head and neck. They carefully lift the patient using their knees, not their backs, to minimize back strain. While the patient is elevated, another decontamination team member removes the litter from the litter stands and another member replaces it with a decontamination (clean) litter. The patient is carefully lowered onto the clean litter. Two decontamination members carry the litter to the skin decontamination station. The contaminated clothing and overgarment are placed in bags and moved to the decontaminated waste dump. The dirty litter is rinsed with the 5 percent decontamination solution and placed in a litter storage area. Decontaminated litters are returned by ambulance to the maneuver units.

Plyometric Exercises

Start with feet shoulder-width apart, arms at sides. Jump up and as far as possible forward. Bring feet toward buttocks while in midair. Land and repeat jump until all repetitions are completed. Goal to achieve maximum distance. Stand with feet together, arms at sides and slightly extended behind body. Jump up and out as far as possible while bringing feet toward buttocks. Land in starting position, and immediately repeat jump until all repetitions are completed. Feet should be kept together throughout. Concentrate on speed, then distance, and last on height.


Kettlebell Fundamentals

Snap the hips through by contracting your glutes explosively, a motion similar to a vertical jump. Visualize jumping up and at the same time projecting the girya straight ahead with the power of your hips. The height of the pull may vary level with your waist At no point lean back That applies to ALL the KB drills And always brace your abs and glutes on impact

The Nine Necessities

This means to adopt the image of contraction for the purpose of consolidating the posture. During the practice, the shoulders are contracted inwards and the whole body is contracted downwards so that the body can be contracted like an iron ball. When the shoulders are contracted, the posterior back can be powerful. When the back is straightened, the force can be entire. The contraction of the body can have the powerful and fierce phenomenon of a dragon curling and a tiger crouching. The contraction of the buttocks

Forget The Bullshit

One Hand Russian Twist Variations

Janda Sit-Up- The Janda sit-up is designed to fatigue the rectus abdominals by eliminating the hip flexors from the sit-up movement. You must contract your legs against a bar that is positioned behind your calf muscles (keep your feet flat on the ground). The hip flexors are inactivated when you contract the hamstrings and glutes. In the illustration that follows, I have placed a bar on the inside of a door entrance. My legs are positioned over the bar. Throughout the entire movement, my legs pull against the bar. My feet remain on the ground as my hamstrings and glutes contract. You should apply as much pressure as you can against the immobile bar to cause maximum leg contraction. By contracting the legs, you remove the hip flexors from the sit-up, shifting the entire emphasis to your abdominal wall. You should attempt to drag your heels toward your butt. The bar will prevent motion but activates the hip extensors, thus removing the hip flexors from the movement. As you contract your...

Lun Tou Wheel Throw

Tomoe Groin

Fig. 96 -Use your grip on the enemy to support him over you. This prevents his falling forward too fast and striking you with his head. Place the left foot in the enemy's Hara and push up strongly with both legs, lifting him off the ground. Fig. 97 -Push the enemy clear allowing him to Backfall to a head-to-head position above you. The impact alone of this fall is sufficient to drive the air from his lungs and incapacitate him. Using your grip on the enemy to maintain your momentum, execute a back roll swinging the feet overhead, tucking the head to one side, and pulling with both hands. Fig. 98 -Completing the Back Roll, land with the buttocks on the enemy chest or abdomen, driving the air from his lungs and crushing the chest cavity. Both knees should land on his biceps, rupturing the muscles. Release the grip on the enemy with the right hand and execute a driving Palm Heel to the enemy chin, snapping his neck. The Wheel Throw, or Tomoe-Nage, illustrates one P of the fundamental...

By Tim Cartmell

Sun Lou Tang

The structural alignment of the form is very important, as is maintaining relaxation. Sun style Ba Gua Zhang emphasizes a pulling in at the front of the hips which serves to maintain the connection between the upper and lower bodies and the ability of the waist and hips to control the movement of the body as a whole. This alignment, together with the gentle lifting of the head from the crown insures correct alignment with gravity and the ability to make full use of the inherent strengths of the body. If the buttocks are pulled under or the tailbone is pulled downward, the upper and lower body connection is severed and the ability to make use of the body's inherent springiness is lost. The shoulders remain relaxed downward and the elbows feel as if they are hanging. The muscles remain relaxed at all times to allow free and easy movement and the smooth transference of momentum through the body.

Editors note

Stand straight, stick out the breast, draw in your buttocks, look ahead as if you suppress a fit of anger. Fingers of both hands are closed, arms and legs are straight, knees are closed, heels and toes are joined and touch each other. Both arm are slowly moved aside from the body, do not bend the elbows, the arms are raised up as if you ring round a ball (i.e. the hands make a circle in a


In a cinematic game, the GM may permit fighters to buy any body part that isn't a limb or an extremity as a Striker. Real-world martial artists have claimed to have iron foreheads and buttocks, among other things. Such Strikers must be crushing, can't have the Long enhancement, and

Still Wai Dan Forms

Hypnosis Deep Breathing

Lie on your back with the arms by your side. Raise the legs to vertical, then continue to lift, raising the buttocks and torso off the floor. If your balance is unsteady, you may bend your elbows and use the hands to support the trunk in a vertical position. The weight is on the shoulders and the upper arms, not on the neck. Hold this position for at least one minute breathing slowly and deeply. This is known as the shoulder stand.

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