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Appendix S General Chakra Balancing Self Meditation

Purpose This meditations purpose is to open and clear the chakras the Reiki way (another Chakra balancing techniques is mentioned further on). It will align higher frequency energies and also purify release any stored negative energy from your body aura. Put you attention on the base Root chakra - visualize the chakra as a bright RED ball spinning clockwise - as you focus on the base chakra - breathe in red - breathe out red. Repeat for 2 - 3 minutes NOTE Ensure you see the red ball's energy is spinning at the Root chakra and also flowing down through your legs into Mother earth like a tree spouting its roots and connecting with the centre of the earth (This is grounding you.) Put you attention on the next Sacral chakra - visualize the chakra as a bright ORANGE ball spinning clockwise - as you focus on the Sacral chakra - breathe in yellow - breathe out orange. Repeat for 2 - 3 minutes Put you attention on the next Solar Plexus chakra - visualize the chakra as a bright YELLOW ball...

Appendix N Opening the Reiki Spiritual Chakras

Purpose To open up the spiritual chakra's and to get into an awareness state of Samadhi. Place both your hands on your Crown Chakra and visualise the Reiki Masters symbol there for a few minutes. Next leave your left hand on the Crown Chakra and place the right hand on to the Brow Chakra Third Eye and again visualise the Master Symbol there for a few minutes. Finally place your left hand on the Brow chakra Third Eye and place the right hand on the Throat Chakra and again visualise the Master Symbol there for a few minutes. OM NAMA SHWAYA Activation of the first 5 Chakras, a mantra that gives a powerful boost to the days energy. Clears old negative patterns. (Viloet Fire) OM HA KSAINIA LA VA RA VUM SWAHA This mantra activates the Chakra centres in a flowing motion, which energises the

Appendix Q Reiki and the Chakra Aura layers

This Mastery can really complement your Reiki Healings as you may be able to see the imbalance of your clients Chakra aura layers that are potentially the reason why they have visited you in the first place, also after your session you can see whether the Chakra aura layers have changed. The Aura layers are the current states of the different Chakras, as blockages and negative energy can be stored here which then potentially manifest in the physical body as a disease. So one could say if you had a certain ailment then look at the nearest associated Chakra point on the body and this could mean this is out-of-balance.

Appendix C Reiki Chakra healing Balls

Another I have found to work really well at the beginning of a session for my client is to initially balance the Clients chakras before I start my healing. 4) When you feel the ball has all the necessary Reiki charge then place this ball of energy into the clients root chakra and actually sense it's placement and see the clients chakra (in your minds eye) glowing the relevant colour. 5) Now channel some Reiki into that Chakra for say just one minute. 6) Move onto the next chakra and repeat stages 1-5 until you have balanced the Crown chakra.

Appendix P Powerful Chakra Healing Reiki What is the Chakra System

Chakra is the Sanskrit meaning for wheel - Chakra's are described as being shaped like multicoloured lotus petals or spooked wheels which whirl at various speeds as they process energy. They are described in Hindu and Buddhist yogic literature. Both systems describe them differently, and their descriptions vary in Western literature as well. Different groups mention the spinning of the wheels being clockwise or anti-clock wise for each Chakra depending upon whether you are male for female. For myself (and many others) they just envisage the associated Chakra as a spinning wheel ball of colour spinning clockwise (looking from any direction - otherwise it really gets too confusing - as remember its always the INTENT that counts not too much the very specific details ). Some clairvoyants actually state that health disturbances often manifest in the aura, and thus in the chakra's, months and sometimes years before they appear in the physical body - I fully agree with this, as if the...

Meditations for Creativity

This exercise is designed to increase your ability to visualize and fantasize, and to provide alternative ways to access your subconscious and chakra system. If you're print and auditory oriented like me, you may have to have someone read this to you while you meditate. Most of the TV generation have no difficulty with this at all, as it is just like going to the movies. I don't visualize nearly as well as my students. What I do to remember and create is like what you do when you read a good author whose words allow you to sort of see and feel the situation he or she is describing. (Very rarely do I get the detail that the youngsters get. Most often my visions look like holographs. If yours work out that way, don't

Reiki Protection Is it required

The Clients ailments are not deemed a result of Negative energy - rather energy released as a headache, back pain or similar. It's the end result of issues blockages within their own energy chakra system (the cause of all ailments - see the appendices for more info). Reiki uses you as a facilitator to transfer healing energies to the Client. It knows how to earth any energies that may be hindering the Client (this is the essence of Reiki). NON-Reiki healers manually earth themselves before after each healing and in doing so take on the ailments of the Client.

Appendix D Tanden Chiryo Tanden treatment

Purpose Tanden Chiryo is used to power-up or recharge the Tanden with Ki. The Tanden is the seat or center of where your Ki is stored. It is located two to three fingers below your navel. I think this actually relates to the second chakra (others think it's a mini chakra in its own right.) It's the source of the persons Ki energy.

Chi Kung and Kundalini The Real Secret of The Masters

The opening to energy and being able to move your center out into the fields often results in experiences that could be considered psychic, such as sharing another person's perceptions, thoughts, and feelings. As each chakra is opened by the sexual energy moving up the spine, a different perspective (personality) is formed of the world out of the emergent feelings. Continuing the climb through conscious direction has often been analogized to mountain climbing, with the movement into the energy realms as ascent into heaven. If nothing else it provides ample proof to the adventurers that there is an aspect of themselves that has little to do with the body. Let us suppose that by going into this primal self we find skills and connections not required by life in the polis. Let us suppose that when we are truly relaxed and have removed the masks and barriers to our being what we are rather than what we supposed we were, we find connections beyond the ground of self that force us to...

Introduction to Enlightenment

The lesser kan and it (opening the first four chakras or learning to run the microcosmic orbit) have become very easy to replicate in those who are willing to make the time to learn to breathe properly, and the transition to Kundalini is becoming so smooth that even the untrustworthy over-thirty crowd is going through it without taking damage. (Hindu term for connecting your genitals to your brain via the spinal column. The safer Chinese method for making this same energy connection is called the greater kan and Enlightenment is a biological process which has intellectual consequences. It can only be achieved through disciplining the body, which allows for the resurrecting of the spirit. Resurrecting the spirit means strengthening and entraining the body's electrochemical fields and hormonal systems normally thought of as the parasympathetic nervous systems and gaining control over the flight fight response.'' People familiar with esoteric or occult traditions may refer to this as...

The Kundalini Experience

Being a college professor means you have the summer off to indulge in little self-improvement projects. When the school year ended in 1985 I decided to follow the prescriptions given in my chi kung correspondence course from the Chinese National Chi Kung Institute in Moulton, Alabama, to arouse the bubbling springs or bring the inner fire to the brain. This is known as 'Tien Tao Chi Kung or Heaven's Way and corresponds to the Indian Kundalini. I'd been able to run the microcosmic orbit connecting the meridians and chakras to the spine both front and back with a single breath for about three years and was able to bend a candle flame to my bidding, so I thought I'd go for the big time. Ninety days of meditating as much as possible. Kundalini as a means and outcome of mastering energy is an actual biological process that when observed objectively closely follows its mythic description. J. C. Cooper defines it as the serpent which lies coiled at the base of the spine in the chakra known...

Hidden Masters Spirit Helpers

The purpose of the exercises in this book is to calm the lower self, the chakras or energy centers of the body that are concerned only with gratification of the physical desires air, water, food, shelter, sex. In so doing, the energy of the body can be raised and, with it, the level of consciousness. When this has been accomplished, we become sensitive to the forces of Nature and can act in accordance with the laws of the universe.

Exchanges with Interesting People

The next exercise involved feeling body energy around the chakras and we broke into triads. My group consisted of Meg's husband and an amazing girl who had walked across the Middle East as a teenager and eventually wound up learning energy work from Aborigines in Australia. She said, I've never seen anyone like you before. All your energy is radiating from your head. Oh, yeah. Send it to your feet. I did as she commanded. She was intrigued. Send it to your chest. I gave her a blast out my solar plexus. We were having fun. Meg's husband wanted in and asked us to show him where he was open. I ran my hand up his body fields and told him I felt the solar plexus was strongest. The Aborigine-trained girl concurred. He said, But I'm a good person, why isn't my heart chakra strongest I'm not certain goodness and chakras coincide but it could be interpreted that you still have to think about it. The solar plexus is associated with strong intellectual activity while the heart is considered more...

Screwing Up Higher Sexual Practice

Westerners tend to pay more attention to the strength that moves up the back, which is considered male or yang. Yang energy tends to be hot, whereas yin energy is cool. Yang energy is associated with the lower chakras and is considered dragon energy its base color is red. Yin energy is associated with the upper chakras and is considered tiger energy. (It helps to remember that tigers are white in Tibet ) Yin lightens the energy in all the chakras as well as cools the internal organs. In the West we used to speak of being lion-hearted. It might be remembered that the Norse achieved Valhalla by being lifted from their deaths by the female Valkyries.

Alias The Mental Emotional Symbol

Summary - Key to the universe, physic protection, alignment between body-soul-consciousness, cleansing, can be used in meditations to activate the Kundalini, balancing the right left brain, emotional or mental healing, aid for removing addiction habits, can calm down your client if placed on their Brow chakra third eye Sei He Ki tends to focus on those parts of the energy bodies relating to emotions and mental states. It is very good for healing past traumas (used with Cho Ku Rei and Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen) and works well with positive affirmations. I use it in almost every healing session, I believe that most disease has an emotional base that must be addressed before a complete healing can occur. The symbol clears emotional blockages and aligns the upper chakras.

Chapter Seven

Any of the ancient races of the world believed that the body and I y I indeed the Earth itself contain energy fields that surround and permeate them. The Indians talk of Prana, Nadis, Chakras and Kundalini, the Japanese of Ki and the Chinese of Qi, and both Chinese and Japanese speak of Channels and Collaterals and orbs of influence. The idea of Qi is fundamental to the martial arts and Traditional Chinese or Traditional Oriental Medicine in general. So what is Qi


Chakra The Chakra is a flat steel ring, from 6 to 12 inches in diameter with a razor sharp outer edge. With sufficient training a Sikh warrior could cut a green bamboo pole three-quarters of an inch wide at a range of thirty yards or more with this weapon. In recent years, the Chakra has entered the imaginations of Western TV audiences as the weapon of Xena Warrior Princess.

Internal Energy

Kundalini The Arousal of the Inner Energy. Rochester, Vermont Destiny Books, 1986. Describes the core experience of Tantra and relates it to the opening of chakras provides both modern illustrations and ancient commentaries. An excellent overview and worth comparing to the Taoist cosmology.

Gatka Self Defence

History Gatka is a Sikh weapon-oriented martial art with origins in the Punjab region of India. Gatka has been used to great effect on a number of occasions in recent history, from the streets of Shanghai in the 1930's (where Sikh Gatka warriors were used as riot police) to Sikh regiments in World War II, which were almost exclusively composed of Gatka warriors. Gatka fighting techniques are based on movements called Panthra, which are initially practiced without weapons to perfect the footwork and balance needed to function effectively on the battlefield. This practice technique is analogous to the Kata of the eastern martial arts. Gatka uses a number of traditional weapons, such as the Khanda (an Indian Saber), the Kirpan (a dagger), and the Kaman (a bow). However, this style also teaches the use of exotic weapons such as the Katar (Indian punch-dagger) and the Chakra (or Chakram), a circular weapon with a razor sharp edge which is thrown at the enemy. This weapon

The Chakra Checklist

The Chakra Checklist

The chakras are described as being aligned in an ascending column from the base of the back to the top of the head. New Age practices frequently associate each chakra with a particular color.

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