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The power that is expressed through the Metal punch is one of the primal forces known in Chinese as the Five Energies. Metal energy is highly condensed, giving it enduring strength. In nature, metal makes its appearance deep within the earth. It has the power to cut almost all other known materials. When sharpened, like the blade of a sword or the head of an axe. it is lethal.

Metal Power is greater than that of the physical metal. In the Words of Grand Master Wang Xiang Zhai: "Metal is the power contained in the bones and muscles, the mind being firm like iron or stone, able to cut gold or steel."

As you train in this movement, imagine you are wielding a heavy axe into thick timber. The axe head sinks into the wood. You feet a corresponding shudder through your body as the momentum of your energy rebounds from the blow. Working with this image ' establishes the cutting power in your mind.

The full expression of Metal goes deeper still. In your mind you, experience the immense weight of a single blow smashing completely through whatever stands in front of you - a huge block of timber, a steel post, a stone column, a mountain. As you train with these images in your mind, you unleash the power of an iron wrecking ball levelling an entire building.

This power is not only physical, nor is it limited to the martial arts. Each of the Five Energies expresses itself along a spectrum that includes the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. These energies take coarse and subtle forms. Cultivating your Metal energy hones your mental clarity. It gives you the power to cut through confusion, to get straight to the point. You learn to communicate with precision and express the truth without fear.


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