The Nine Necessities

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In the study of Ba Gua Zhang, it is required to pay attention to the nine necessities: 1) Sink, 2) Transverseness, 3) Lift, 4) Nimbleness, 5) Wrap, 6) Straighten, 7) Droop, 8) Contract, and 9) Rise, Drill Fall, and Overturn.

1) Sink

This refers to the wrist sinking outwards and the waist sinking downward, simultaneously with the coccyx lifted and the anus contracted. This is the theory to communicate with the Governor Vessel.

2) Transverseness

This refers to the unbroken entire force and the congenital transverseness. The transverseness stays in the middle palace, and the middle palace and the earth produces all things. Therefore, the transverse fist is at the waist and abdomen of the human body. During practice, it is necessary to release the force from the waist and abdomen (the dan tan area), to hold the chest and erect the back and to have the method to unload the force by striking with the waist.

3) Lift

This refers to the lifting of the "grain duct" and contraction of the anus. In terms of the eight diagram theory, this means to supplement the lack in the Xun diagram. To lift the anus is supposed to dredge the Governor Vessel and Conception Vessel so that qi can enter the dan tian area and urge it to flow upwards to form the heavenly circle method. The step rises to lift the knee and falls to trample downwards with the two legs in false and true alternatively in the imitation of a crane's walk.

4) Nimbleness

This refers to the movements being nimble and that the various parts of the human body should be closely coordinated without being slack. This principle's functions are that nimbleness in the heart can bring about thousand of methods, nimbleness in the eyes can be as fast as lightning, nimbleness in the hands can guarantee accuracy of the strikes, and nimbleness in the feet can be as fast as an arrow.

5) Wrap

This means to twist and wrap like twisting a rope. During the practice, the two forearms wrap inwards and the two elbows spread like twisting a rope. This is to take the symmetrical force, called the "even energy." In the accumulation of this force, it is required to have clear intention. In releasing this force, it is required to be steady and entire in the external forms.

6) Straighten

When the neck is straightened, the internal qi can reach the vertex directly and can go through the dan tian area to ascend Bai Hui (GV-20) directly. When the waist is straightened, qi can be full in the gate of

Yin Fu Style Ba Gua Zhang instructor Xie Pei Qi of Beijing, China poses in the "Bear" posture

Yin Fu Style Ba Gua Zhang instructor Xie Pei Qi of

Beijing, China poses in the "Snake" posture life (Ming Men) to strengthen the kidneys. When the knees are straightened, it is possible to stand firmly like an old pine tree and stably like the Tai Shan Mountain.

8) Contract

This means to adopt the image of contraction for the purpose of consolidating the posture. During the practice, the shoulders are contracted inwards and the whole body is contracted downwards so that the body can be contracted like an iron ball. When the shoulders are contracted, the posterior back can be powerful. When the back is straightened, the force can be entire. The contraction of the body can have the powerful and fierce phenomenon of a dragon curling and a tiger crouching. The contraction of the buttocks can have the "duct of grain" lifted inwards and qi to reach the Bai Hui (GV-20).

9) Rise, Drill, Fall, and Overturn

It is required that the whole body, hands and feet, should be coordinated and that the image, qi and force should be joined in order to have the boxing skill coordinated uniformly.

To rise is to transverse force and is the master of the skill. In terms of the congenital transverseness, the transverseness is produced by the earth and is the foundation of all things.

To fall is a smooth force, and the energy of the smooth posture enters everywhere like the flowing of water.

To drill is to charge and penetrate, like a hawk contracts its wings to enter the forest, like a snake enters the hole as quickly as lightning.

To overturn is a force method for the upper, lower, left, right, backward, forward, inward and outward rotations. To turn repeatedly and continuously like a wheel is supposed to adopt the circulating force method in order to realize the state in which nowhere cannot be entered. This is also the theory of the boxing method.

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