THE AUTHOR thanks the following persons for their assistance in the preparation of this work:

Editorial review: E. Gunberg and T. Stanhope Functional review: B. Fusaro and D. Slater Graphics: R. Mischke, W. Neisler, and R. Denny

Typewriting: S. Jackson

Others helped. The Davis Library in Bethesda, Md. provided serene surroundings and librarians whose eyes diplomatically dodged each time the author bounded from his chair to "walk through" a tactic. The author's wife proxied for him in building the patio and painting the house, further diminishing his prestige with his neighbors, but giving him time to write. The greatest debt, however, is owed Kuo Feng-ch'ih, his Pa-kua teacher in Taiwan. Paul (to use his Christian name) Kuo not only taught me the rudiments of the art but also posed for many of the photographs and reviewed the manuscript. To all who helped, the author says with H. Belloc:

For no one, in our long decline, So dusty, spiteful and divided, Had quite such pleasant friends as mine, Or loved them half as much as I did.

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