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No ONE, least of all the author, would have thought that a book written and first issued thirty years ago would be republished in a new century. Pa-Kua: Chinese Boxing for Fitness and Self-Defense was the first book on "palm boxing" to be released in English.

Over the years it gained many readers and helped to introduce this art to the western world. For many, it would be their first notion of Chinese internal boxing (nei-chia). Taiji and Hsing-i combine with Pa-Kua to make up the internal or soft boxing system as distinguished from the hard boxing usually subsumed under the name Shaolin.

I had studied all three under top-drawer teachers in Taiwan (including Paul Kuo, Wang Shu-chin, and Hung I-hsiang). Whatever proficiency I gained was because of their skill. I was very lucky.

Now so many years later, I'm pleased to see Pa-Kua emerge again. I hope it helps a new generation to find joy in this old but evergreen art.

—Robert W. Smith Hendersonville, N.C.


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Boxing Simplified

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