To Bind Chan Figs 191199

FORM : Turn your left toes out and scoop to your left with your left fist as you squat. Then take your right fist, palm up, forward from under your nose as your right foot goes forward. The intermediate step of your right foot on toes a little ahead of your left is not shown, but should not be neglected.

FUNCTION: This form can be used against either a foot or hand attack. Your opponent kicks at you with his right foot. Swinging leftward from your waist, deflect his foot outward in a circle and step forward on the toes of your right foot. Retaining your bar under his right foot, take your right fist forward with your right foot and attack his lower abdomen or groin. The final action is shown from both sides.

FORM: Bring your left hand back in a fist to your right side in a downward rolling motion as you bring your left foot back on its toes. Your right fingers are open at your left elbow. As your left foot goes forward, reverse-punch toward your left with your left fist. Toe-out with your left foot, turn your left hand over, depress and punch over it with a standing right fist as your right foot goes directly forward.

FUNCTION : In this form the arms should not be held too high. Your

opponent tries a right fist which you deflect and grasp from outside with your right hand. As you pull him toward your right side, turn your waist to the right and lock his elbow with your roll. (In Fig. 205 the locking arm has curled after striking the elbow and is close to his wrist). Retaining your grip on his right wrist, step forward with your left foot and reverse punch his right chest with your left fist, which glides along the under surface of his arm to the target. If at this juncture he should strike with his left hand, depress it with your left and punch over it with your right standing fist.

FORM : Turn your left toes out and pull back to your left side with your left hand as your right hand circles high from left to right (clockwise). Continuing the circle, turn your palm up when your biceps are on a line with your shoulder. Simultaneously, your right foot comes forward on its toes, a fist-width ahead of your left. Next, push forward with your left hand under your right as your right foot goes forward.

FUNCTION : As your opponent strikes with his left list, deflect and pull it toward your left side. In the same motion, wheel to the right from the waist and clamp your right hand under his nose (in clamping, think in and then up, not merely up, or you will lose him). As he raises his left elbow to take the clamp off, release the clamp and, turning clockwise, come under his rising left arm, grab his triceps and screw counter clockwise in a small circle. What should happen here is that in his agony, he will strike with his right hand. If he does, depress with your left and hammer into his head with your

right as your right foot goes forward (this method is not shown). If he does not strike, step forward with your right as you strike his heart with your left hand from under your right, which continues the triceps pinch.

FORM: Here we put to use the Hand Sword (Exercise No. 1). Go forward with your right hand under your left elbow as your right foot goes behind your left. Then take your left foot forward as you begin to hack. Let your waist lead you!

FUNCTION: Your opponent grabs your left elbow in a defensive action. Step forward with your right foot behind your left foot and place your right forearm against your left triceps. Turning your right arm, grab his wrist and, retaining your hold, take your left foot forward and hack his throat with your left hand-edge.

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