To Block Lan Figs 231237

FORM : Hammer with your left fist as you take a half-step with your left foot and toe-out. Bringing your right foot onto its toes in front of your left foot, take your right elbow high and your right hand to where it touches your left from underneath. Both palms are down. As you take a step forward with your right foot, push your right palm with your left hand.

FUNCTION: Your opponent has his left foot advanced and tries a left punch. Block his left from outside with your left hammer. Depress, and as he resists by raising his arm, step forward on the toes of your right foot and jam your left elbow above his elbow. Forcing his arm up, roll off; with your left arm, cover your right hand and, as you go forward with your right foot, pump your right hand with your left into his heart.

FORM: Take your left hand palm out and thumb down toward your left oblique as you toe-out with your left foot. Now, as your right foot goes forward to the left oblique, underspear with your right hand over your left hand and in the same direction as your right toes.

FUNCTION: Your opponent has his left foot forward and tries to hit you with his left fist. Block from outside with your left arm, overturn, and retain your hold. Step forward with your right foot as you spear over your descending left hand to his throat.

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