To Cover Kai Figs 175190

FORM : Extend both arms forward, the left leading. Now bring them far to the rear as your left foot slides back slightly (in photo 177 the left foot should come back a bit more). Toeing out with your left foot, bring your right foot forward ahead of your left and on its toes while your right arm circles high and your left arm passes in front of your chest. Continuing, do a deep squat, with your right arm finally stopping in line with your shoulders. FUNCTION : Your opponent uses his right fist. Capture his arm and pull it toward your right foot. As he resists, you follow him, stepping forward with your right foot and striking with your right

hand. Figures 188-90 show that the strike involves three impacts, (1) elbow, (2) palm-butt, and (3) fingers, and is accentuated by the squatting action.

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