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FORM : As you toe-out with your left foot, pull your left hand back to your left side in a fist and underspear with your right palm obliquely left. Next, bring your right hand back to your right side in a fist as your right foot goes forward on its toes and the two leading fingers on your left hand thrust forward. Then, as your right foot goes forward, your right palm-butt pounds forward as your left hand returns to your left side.

FUNCTION: Your opponent tries a left-hand strike. You cross from outside with your left and pull him toward your left side. At the same time, spear along his arm with your right hand, palm up, to his throat. Because you still have his left hand, he reacts in the only way possible—by raising his right hand to deflect your right thrust upward. Thus he makes a cross of the two arms, and you thereupon

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pull his right arm toward your right side while releasing your hold on his left wrist. As he is pulled in, you meet him by putting your right toes down in front of your left and by holding two fingers by your chin. The pull brings his eyes athwart the fingers. If he raises his left arm to fend off your two-finger attack, release your hold on his right hand and take your right hand and foot forward in the final attack. In this technique you stay one jump ahead of the defender. If he reacts to one attack, he sets himself up for another. Be careful of the eye attack, however: in practice do it alone, or if with a colleague, have him turn his head (he will need no urging; again look at the picture). A reminder: photos and description leave out one decisive factor—simultaneity—as your left hand pulls back, your right hand goes out. It must occur all at once or the technique may fail.

FORM: AS you take your left foot to the left oblique, your left hand circles counterclockwise. Now take your right foot ahead of your left and rest it on its toes while your right arm also circles high. Both hands end the circle outside your right foot. Push off your left foot with both hands to the right oblique. FUNCTION : Your opponent strikes with his right hand, which you block from inside with your circling left. Continuing your toe-out with your left foot, take your right foot forward on its toes and lock-strike his right elbow with your high-circling right. Both of your hands then grasp his right forearm and pull him toward your right foot. As he resists by rising, step obliquely forward with your right foot and push his midriff with both hands. In the photos the attacker has his right foot back, which prevents a full cross on his body. The technique works better when his right foot is advanced. Even in the example shown, however, his posture is broken sufficiently for you to attack decisively.

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