To Hold Up Peng Figs 130137

FORM : As you pull your left hand to your left side, your right foot goes obliquely forward to the right. Then your left foot goes forward a fist-width in front of your right foot, only the toes touching. Simultaneously, both your hands are held near your left side. Now push off your right foot by carrying your left foot forward until your right leg is stretched straight, and push with both palms toward your left oblique.

FUNCTION : The direction of the Form tells you that you have turned your opponent's corner. Cross his body but first cross his arm. As he strikes with his left fist, cross from outside with your left (for

leverage on its return, first turn your left arm counterclockwise as far as it will go). As you pull his arm back toward your left side, step obliquely forward near his left foot with your right foot (to go beyond his left foot is even better, though much more difficult to accomplish). Then, bring your left foot on its toes in front of your right foot and, pushing off the right foot, take your left foot forward as both your hands push his left external obliques. A valuable aspect of the Pa-kua regimen is that in practice you push, whereas in a real fight the unbalancing push is transformed into a strike. This Form is extremely important. Practice it many times, going both left and right.

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