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FORM : Depress with your left hand as you toe-out with your left foot. As your right foot comes on its toes ahead of your left, carry your right hand clockwise, wedging high. Next, loop your left fist in a counterclockwise circle and hammer forward with it as your right foot drives forward. Lean forward slightly with your body as you hammer; it is the body, not the arm, which has the power. Following this movement, your right hand circles clockwise and hammers forward with your body as your right foot takes another step forward.

FUNCTION: This may be done with equal effect against either hand. Your opponent tries a right and you depress with your left. He pulls his right arm up and immediately you step forward and lock-strike his elbow from underneath. (Do not hit his forearm lest he fold on you and stick his elbow in your ribs!) Releasing his right wrist, hammer toward the base of his skull with your left fist. To offset this, he will shift his right arm upward and to the right. As he does, take another step with your right foot and hammer his head or upper chest with your free right hand. Remember to lean your body forward coincident with the hammer.

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