To Scrape Hsueh Figs 222230

FORM: Bring your right hand back slightly and toe-out your left foot. Swinging your arms in a counterclockwise circle, cut at 45°, your hands ending near your left foot and your right foot coming forward on its toes. Now, taking your right foot straight forward and then to the right (but aligned directly to the front), your right arm turns up to guard your forehead as your left palm pumps forward. Now, take your left foot straight ahead, then left, and put it down facing directly to the front. Roll your left arm up in front of your forehead and pump forward with your right palm.

FUNCTION: Deflect your opponent's right hand with your left to the left, come forward on your toes, and lock-strike his elbow. As he punches with his left, roll-deflect it upward with your right hand and hit him with your left palm as your right foot goes forward. He takes his right foot back and strikes with his right fist. Counter by taking a step forward with your left foot, rolling up with your right hand to deflect his right strike and palming his heart with your right hand. Don't deflect his punches too high: the closer he is, the better you can counter! As with most of the Forms, Scrape can be done as effectively against a leading left hand as against a right.

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