To Shake Tun Figs 138145

FORM: With your left foot, step obliquely left until your right leg is straight. Simultaneously, spear obliquely right with your right arm, palm up and screwed, while your left hand protects your groin and your left foot toes out. Now, take your right foot on its toes in front of your left as your left arm goes up, palm up, to where your right arm rests on the inner bend of your left elbow. Pull both hands down and outside of your right foot and, pushing off your left foot, push right obliquely with both hands. FUNCTION: Your opponent tries a left. Block from inside with your right as your left foot goes obliquely forward to the left. As your right foot comes forward on its toes, swing your left arm upward to lock-strike his left elbow. Turning your hands over and grasping his arm, pull him toward your right foot. Then, step forward with your right foot and push him with both hands.

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