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Make Checks Payable to High View Publications Foreign Orders please add $0.50 per issue

Youcan now_order by Phone orFax: _Phone:_(408)_655-2990 _Fax:J408)_655-498_4 _

SUBSCRIPTION ORDER FORM Check One Please Print Clearly One Year Subscription: $20.00 I_I

Name:--Two Year Subscription: $38.00 I I

Address: Three Year Subscription: $56.00 O

City: 0 New 0 Renewal

VISA/MASTERCARD(Circle One) Expiration Dater

State:- Zip:--Send Check or Money Order to:

High View Publications

P. O. Box 51967 Pacific Grove, CA 93950

Credit Card Number--Foreign Countries: Please submit

igna ure' Foreign Countries also add $6.00 per year

Phone Numberr{-)---for postage and handling._

5-2 Please make Checks Payable to High View Publications - Thank You!

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