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Weng Chi-hsiu (Daniel) was born in Tainan County, Taiwan Province, Republic of China, 1948.

When he was in the fifth grade, because his physique was small, his father took him to a friend, Lin Liang-shou, who operated a Judo studio. Mr. Weng at that time took judo only as a sport, practicing just once in a while.

As a young man he enrolled in National Taiwan Normal University as a Physical Education major. The Physical Education Department required the study of Kung Fu, Judo and Shuai Chiao. Mr. Weng became outstanding in all of them. As a freshman he represented the University Judo team and won the Inter-collegiate white belt championship, with no weight division and over one hundred contestants participating, thereby achieving his black belt. He went on to achieve the rank of second degree black belt in Judo before following his interest in other styles.

Mr. Weng later studied Shuai Chiao, T'ai Chi Ch'uan, Pa Chi, Praying Mantis and Shao Lin.

Of all the arts Shuai Chiao was the most attractive to him. His instructor was Master Ch'ang Tung-sheng, the most famous and accomplished Shuai Chiao master. Professor Ch'ang taught full-time at the Central Police College and part-time at several other universities in Taipei City.

Under the instruction of Master Ch'ang, Mr. Weng became very active in Shuai Chiao. He was twice national champion (1970,1971) and three times collegiate champion in his weight class. Master Ch'ang was very happy with the swift rise and success of his student and recommended him as an Assistant Instructor while Mr. Weng was still in his year of teacher training. Mr. Weng passed the entrance examination and entered the graduate division of National Taiwan Normal University majoring in Physical Education. He continued teaching as an assistant to Master Ch'ang at Central Police College and several other Universities. At the same time he also taught T'ai Chi Ch'uan which he also learned from Master Ch'ang, who learned from General Li Chin-lin, a former Vice President of the Central Kuo Shu Institute.

Mr. Weng obtained his Master's degree in Education at National Taiwan Normal University. His thesis was a comparative study of basic Shuai Chiao and Judo throwing techniques. After obtaining his degree he entered military service. There the military appointed him to teach in the Military Political College for two years. He taught Shuai Chiao, T'ai Chi Ch'uan, Judo, and general Physical Education courses.

While in military service Mr. Weng was appointed to produce a video-tape text of Shuai Chiao training and techniques. This video-tape was accepted and authorized as the standard teaching text for the Taiwan military. Also, Mr. Weng was appointed as a referee for the national games of both Shuai Chiao and wrestling.

After military service he returned to Central Police College as a guest instructor of Shuai Chiao. By this time Master Ch'ang had retired.

Mr. Weng was again appointed to produce another Shuai Chiao text, this time on film, for the training of students at the Central Police College.

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The author with chairman referee Grand Master Ch'ang Tung-sheng, Kung Fu Coach Adam Hsu, and other members of the National Taiwan Normal University Shuai Chiao team after winning an intercollegiate Shuai Chiao tournament in the 1960's.

Mr. Weng was offered a position as Teaching Associate and admitted to the Graduate Division in the School of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation at The Ohio State University in 1978. As a guest lecturer, he taught several Physical Education courses there, including T'ai Chi Ch'uan, Shuai-chiao, self-defense. Mr. Weng also founded and was Head Coach of the O.S. U. Shuai-chiao/Kung Fu Club.

Mr. Weng was presented a 7th degree Black belt by Grandmaster Ch'ang on August 8, 1985. In 1987 Mr. Weng received his Ph.D. in physical education from the Ohio State University, established the United States Shuai-Chiao Association and returned to Taiwan to become Chairman, Division of Kuo-shu (chínese martial arts) at Chinese Cultural U-niversity. In 1991, he returned to promote Shuai-chiao in the United States and became visting professor at San Jose State University. At the International Shuai-chiao Competition, Mayor's Cup in

Paris, France, Dr. Weng was the Team leader and Technical-tactics advisor for the 1992 Champion U-nited States Shuai-chiao team and in 1995 took second place to the People's Republic of China. Dr. Weng is the first licensed Wushu judge in North and South America, by the International Wushu Federation (IWUF). Dr. Weng was a Umpire for the Second World Wushu Championships in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 1993. He is currently the founding Chairman of the United States Shuai-chiao Association and holds a 9th degree Black belt. Dr. Weng has also written a Tai-chi textbook, Ch'anp Style Modified Short Form Tai-chi-chuan, and produced numerous videos on Shuai-chiao and Tai-chi that have been adapted by universities. Dr. Weng was featured in a four volume series Introductory to Shuai-chiao produced by T. C. Media. Besides numerous teaching positions, Dr. Weng also runs two schools in the Bay Area. The Cupertino Kungfu Club and U.S. Self Defense Academy in San Francisco.

The author with Professor Ch'ang Tung-sheng and students of the Central Police College, Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C. The author was Grand Master Ch'ang's teaching assistant at the time.

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