Acrobatic Attack

You can use any of the special tricks described under Acrobatic Movement (pp. 105-106) as the movement portion of a Move and Attack. The benefits and drawbacks of Move and Attack "stack" with those of your acrobatic feat. You have an additional -2 on both your attack roll and any roll required to pull off the stunt - the price of doing two things at once!

Example: Manfred wishes to swing 10 yards on a rope and cut down one of the Black Duke's bodyguards with his saber as he passes. Consulting Swinging (pp. 105-106), he sees that a 10-yard swing requires an Acrobatics roll at -4, which becomes -6 with the extra -2 for an Acrobatic Attack. His attack has the usual -4 for Move and Attack, plus another -2 for his stunt; it, too, is at -6. Since this is a Move and Attack, Manfred's adjusted attack roll cannot exceed 9, and he cannot parry or retreat afterward . . . and thanks to his swing, his next dodge counts as an Acrobatic Dodge, but he could end up in the wrong spot or even fall down.

When creating a technique based on Acrobatic Attack, you must specify the particular acrobatic movement option it uses. Its basic default is -6: -4 for Move and Attack plus an extra -2 for Acrobatic Attack. Add an extra -1 to ignore the skill cap of 9. Remember that all rolls for the movement portion of the technique are at -2.

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