Acrobatic Movement

Martial Arts campaigns often feature capoeiristas, ninja, and dashing swordsmen who move acrobatically in combat to avoid obstacles and surprise enemies. Below are some classic stunts for use during a Move maneuver. After attempting any of these, your next dodge (only) is automatically an Acrobatic Dodge (p. B375), whether or not you used the Acrobatics skill: you dodge at +2 if your feat succeeded but at -2 if it failed.

These options are flamboyant but risky, and obey the laws of physics - which makes them plausible in a realistic campaign. For over-the-top cinematic action, see Chambara Fighting (pp. 128-130). For acrobatic versions of the Change Posture and Feint maneuvers, see Acrobatic Stand (p. 98) and Feints Using Non-Combat Skills (p. 101), respectively.

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