Acrobatic Stand

If lying face-down or face-up, you can attempt a flip, kip-up, or roll that takes you directly to a standing posture without assuming a crawling, kneeling, or sitting posture first. This requires a Change Posture maneuver; you can't do it as the "step" portion of another maneuver.

Make an Acrobatics-6 roll with an additional penalty equal to encumbrance level. Success means you end your turn standing; on a critical success, you can use this as the step portion of an Attack, Committed Attack, Defensive Attack, Feint, or Ready. Failure means you end your turn sitting (not kneeling or crawling); critical failure means you remain facedown or face-up.

If you're sitting or crawling, you can try to spring into a standing posture as a step - exactly as if you were going from kneeling to standing. Roll at Acrobatics-6 minus encumbrance level. Success lets you stand and execute any maneuver that allows a step. Failure means you stand, but it counts as a Change Posture maneuver and your turn ends. On a critical failure, you fall down!

In either case, you can opt to "stand" in a crouching posture - handy when regaining your feet under fire.

These rules assume you stand defensively. You may opt to go "all-out." This gives +4 to Acrobatics but deprives you of active defenses! If lying, any success - even critical success -means a rapid posture change only. If sitting or crawling, your sole option after a success is an All-Out Attack.

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