Optional advantages are most often either traits would lead somebody to study and succeed at the style or learnable advantages (p. B294) taught only at particular schools. More rarely, they're entrance requirements for exceptionally strict schools. See Desirable Advantages (p. 43) for many suitable examples. A few traits bear special mention:

Cultural Familiarity: Martial artists might have no choice but to travel abroad if they wish to study certain styles. Even if they learn at home, a martial art from a foreign land might encourage or even pressure them to become familiar with the art, food, music, and values of its background culture. This is especially true when the master hails from that culture! Any of these situations could justify Cultural Familiarity (p. B23).

Languages: As noted for Cultural Familiarity, those who study foreign styles might end up immersed in foreign ways. This definitely includes Languages (p. B23). A given master or school might refuse to instruct students in any language but that of the style's homeland, because only that tongue has a vocabulary capable of properly explaining the style's moves . . . or because the master speaks only that language!

Unusual Abilities: The style's teachings might even enable students to buy cinematic advantages: Enhanced Time Sense, Extra Attack, Innate Attack, etc. These are subject to the same prerequisites as cinematic skills. See Chapter 2 for many examples.

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