All Out and Committed Attacks When Grappling

All-Out and Committed Attacks compromise your defenses against grapples as well as against strikes. They also make it easier for an opponent to follow up his grapple with a takedown, pin, or other close-combat move.

If you make an All-Out Attack, you're truly defenseless. You automatically lose any Contest to avoid a close-combat attack following a grapple. This includes all takedowns, pins, throws from locks, and grappling techniques that "attack" using a Quick Contest (e.g., Handcuffing). You still get a ST or HT roll to resist injury from strangling, Arm Lock, Neck Snap, Wrench Limb, etc.

If you make a Committed Attack, the -2 to active defenses also applies to your rolls to avoid takedowns, pins, etc. Otherwise, you function normally against actions that follow a grapple.

Neither All-Out Attack nor Committed Attack prevents you from rolling to keep someone you've grappled from breaking free, though, or gives a penalty to such a roll. That isn't a defense roll!

Your actions after grappling or being grappled - including your own attempts to break free - require you to choose an Attack, All-Out Attack, or Committed Attack maneuver. They aren't compatible with Defensive Attack and aren't free actions. If you make an All-Out Attack (AOA) or Committed Attack (CA), you're subject to the effects above and use the following special rules:

Determined: You may use this option to get +2 (CA) or +4 (AOA) to a DX-based roll (DX or a DX-based skill or technique) for the purpose of a takedown, lock, or hold. You cannot apply this bonus to a ST-based roll - but see the Strong option, below.

Double: You may use AOA (Double) to try two grappling moves, subject to the restrictions under Grappling and Multiple Attacks (p. 128).

Feint: You may use AOA (Feint) to make a feint or a Beat against a grappled foe before trying Arm Lock, Judo Throw, or another grappling attack that allows an active defense. You can also use AOA (Feint) on the turn after you parry to make a feint or a Beat and then attempt such an attack, if it's one that can follow a parry. AOA (Feint) is pointless if no active defense is involved; e.g., with break free, strangle, or pin.

Long: AOA (Long) isn't an option in close combat.

Strong: You may use this option to get +1 (CA) or +2 (AOA) to a ST-based roll (ST or a ST-based technique) for a takedown or pin, to strangle or otherwise injure a foe, or to break free. For techniques that base injury on thrust or swing damage as opposed to on a margin of victory, apply the bonus directly to damage.

See Actions After a Grapple (p. B370) and Actions After Being Grappled (p. B371) for further details.

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