All Out Attack Long

This is a fifth All-Out Attack option for melee combat. It represents a full-^ i extension jump or lunge. It gives the

^TfJSSOfJW fighter an extra yard of reach; e.g., he could use a shortsword, which normally has a reach of 1 yard, to strike somebody 2 yards away.

All-Out Attack (Long) has no effect on the attack roll. For thrusting attacks, there's no effect on damage, either. Swinging attacks are more awkward, and at -2 damage or -1 damage per die, whichever is worse.

As usual for All-Out Attack, the attacker may move up to half his Move forward before attacking. This makes it possible to simulate balestras and similar gap-closing moves. Even without movement, this maneuver can be useful for leaning over or under a barrier, or over a fighter who's kneeling, sitting, or lying down. However, the extra reach can't be used to attack past a crouching or standing fighter - through his hex, in tactical combat - as his body would get in the way of the extended arm and foot.

The attacker may opt to end this maneuver in a crouch, which represents a sprawling lunge with a hand on the floor for support (often termed a "floor lunge"). He cannot support himself with a hand that's holding the weapon used to attack; thus, two-armed beings with two-handed weapons can't drop to a crouch. The supporting hand need not be empty - it can hold a shield, second weapon, etc. This crouch calls for a DX roll. Failure means the fighter ends up kneeling instead; critical failure means he falls down.

All-Out Attack (Long) is incompatible with Defensive Grip (pp. 109-111), which involves holding the weapon closer than usual, and mutually exclusive with other All-Out Attack options (Determined, Double, Feint, and Strong). It's compatible with most other attack options: Deceptive Attack (p. B369), Rapid Strike (p. B370), Telegraphic Attack (p. 113), Tip Slash (p. 113), etc.

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