All Out Attack

The GM should permit the four "basic" All-Out Attack options (Determined, Double, Feint, and Strong) and the new Long option below with any melee attack that doesn't specifically forbid them. In particular, a grappler can use All-Out Attack to travel up to half his Move into close combat and grab or grapple at +4, grapple two body parts, or feint and then grapple. He can even use All-Out Attack (Long) to grab his foe from a yard away - although it's unwise to give an armed enemy room to use his weapon!

The GM should be generous about substituting feints for attacks, too. All-Out Attack (Feint) is just an All-Out Attack (Double) that trades the first attack for a feint, so there's no reason why a fighter couldn't reverse the order: attack first and then feint to benefit a later attack. Other alternatives

include using All-Out Attack (Determined) to feint at +4 and All-Out Attack (Long) to feint a distant foe.

All-Out Attack is perfect for simulating cinematic actions. All-Out Attack (Double) might be a chop followed by a spinning draw cut . . . or a single, deadly "throat-slitting" attack, the two attack rolls reflecting the difficulty of the feat, the chance that the victim could escape mid-cut, and the potential for twice the damage. All-Out Attack (Strong) could represent a stab followed by a twist of the blade, a big roundhouse punch, or grabbing someone and pulling him into a blow. All-Out Attack (Long) might involve throwing a weapon at the enemy and catching it as it bounces off!

Combat options take things a step further. A warrior could choose All-Out Attack (Double) and make a Rapid Strike or Dual-Weapon Attack with one of his two attacks, giving him three attacks (see Multiple Attacks, pp. 126-128). Or he could use All-Out Attack (Feint) to feint and then make a Deceptive Attack, striking an "unstoppable blow."

A little imagination lets players avoid long lists of techniques, provided the GM is flexible and the PCs are willing to take the risk of an All-Out Attack.

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