Altered Time Rate

see p. B38

This advantage has no place in a realistic game. Real-world martial artists who can land multiple techniques in the space of a second are using All-Out Attack (Double) (p. B365), Rapid Strike (p. B370), Combinations (p. 80), and so forth. They aren't warping time!

Altered Time Rate is also unsuitable for "traditional" cinematic settings. To stay true to martial-arts myth, those whose blinding speed results from schooling in secret fighting arts should use Trained by a Master or Weapon Master to halve the Rapid Strike penalty, while those with exceptional coordination should look at Extra Attack (p. B53). Fighters with both can make many attacks but are still limited to one maneuver per turn.

However, some comic books and movies depict impossibly fast martial artists who can engage several widely spaced opponents before any of them can retaliate. This requires multiple maneuvers per turn, implying Altered Time Rate. In campaigns inspired by such fiction, the GM may allow one or more levels of this advantage to those with Gunslinger, Heroic Archer, Trained by a Master, or Weapon Master.

For more on speedy heroes, see Multiple Attacks (pp. 126-128).

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