Amazing Abilities

One option is to embed some of the unrealistic abilities from Cinematic Characters (p. 238) in a setting that obeys Combat Realism (pp. 237-238). Users can do the impossible, but without the protection from realistic consequences that would accompany their capabilities in a cinematic game world. A board-breaking karateka might know Power Blow . . . but if Harsh Realism for Unarmed Fighters (p. 124) is in effect, he must apply -2 to the ST of his off hand before multiplying it and risks breaking his hand if he slugs an enemy in the skull. A super-fast martial artist might have Extra Attack or even Altered Time Rate . . . at the cost of Increased Consumption, Short Lifespan, and Skinny to reflect his sped-up metabolism.

This approach suits conspiratorial settings that seem outwardly realistic but where the Secret Masters suppress knowledge of aliens, Bigfoot, psi powers, and so forth. In such a campaign, super-soldier serum or the teachings of Shangri-La might permit ordinary humans to perform amazing feats in a coldly unforgiving world. Of course,

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