Defaults: prerequisite skill-6 for most one-handed weapons, skill-4 for two-handed ones, or full skill for Tonfa (only).

Prerequisite: Any Melee Weapon skill; cannot exceed prerequisite skill.

This technique - useful only with weapons that can make thrusting attacks - lets you avoid the need for a Ready maneuver to switch between a regular overhand grip and an underhand grip more suitable for close-quarters stabbing. A successful Reverse Grip roll lets you change grips instantly. Failure means you drop the weapon and your turn ends . . . and critical failure also inflicts Tip Slash (p. 113) damage on your torso!

Once reversed, most weapons work differently - see Reversed Grip (pp. 111-112) for details. The main uses for this technique are to prepare a long weapon for close combat and to sheathe your weapon more quickly (see Quick Sheathing, p. 102).

You can also use this technique to spin a tonfa (p. 225). It defaults to full Tonfa skill, as the weapon's side handle makes this move exceptionally easy.

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