Defaults: Binding, DX-2, Judo-1, or Wrestling-2; cannot exceed Binding, DX, Judo, or Wrestling.

This is a limited, realistic version of Binding (pp. 82-83) for handcuffing a target quickly. It only works in close combat - and only if you grappled your target on a previous turn or parried his melee attack immediately prior to your turn.

On your turn, roll a Quick Contest: Handcuffing vs. the higher of your victim's DX or best grappling skill. This counts as an attack. Victory means you've handcuffed a limb of your choice. On later turns, you can repeat the process to cuff another limb or make an uncontested Handcuffing roll to attach the cuff to an inanimate object (pole, car door, bomb .. .) within a yard.

You can handcuff a pinned opponent automatically in 2d seconds. A successful, unopposed Handcuffing roll reduces this to two seconds (one second on a critical success).

Escape attempts use the Escape skill (p. B192) or Slip Handcuffs technique (p. B233). This takes a minute. Time reductions give the usual penalties; see Time Spent (p. B346). The GM may permit cinematic heroes one attempt at -10 to escape in a turn - effectively instantly.

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