Default: Brawling-2.

Prerequisite: Brawling; cannot exceed Brawling skill.

This technique involves either knitting the fingers of two hands together to strike or striking with two fists held together. A common move in movies and on television, it's not terribly safe or effective in reality.

Roll against Two-Handed Punch to hit. Your opponent defends normally, but if he successfully parries and inflicts damage, both of your arms take full damage. If you take damage from striking DR 3+, both hands take full damage. Damage is thrust+1 crushing - or thrust at +1 per die, if better - plus your Brawling bonus.

On a turn when you attempt a Two-Handed Punch, you can only parry once with your hands. This does count as a Cross Parry (p. 121) - the parry is more effective but you only get one.

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