Defaults: Judo or Wrestling.

Prerequisite: Judo or Wrestling; cannot exceed prerequisite skill+4.

A leg lock is an attempt to restrain or cripple an opponent by twisting his leg. This technique allows you to improve your effective Judo or Wrestling skill for this purpose only.

To use Leg Lock, you must have two hands free and already have a successful Leg Grapple (p. 76) on your opponent. On your first turn following the Leg Grapple, you may attempt to place your foe's leg in a lock. This is an attack. Roll against Leg Lock to hit. Your victim may use any active defense - he can parry your hand with a weapon! If his defense fails, you trap his leg in a lock.

Your foe may attempt to break free (p. B371) on his next turn. If he loses, he has a cumulative -1 on future attempts to break free.

On your next turn - and each turn thereafter, until your opponent breaks free - you may try to damage the trapped leg. Roll a Quick Contest: the higher of your ST (including your Wrestling bonus) or Leg Lock vs. the higher of your victim's ST+4 or HT+4. If you win, you inflict crushing damage equal to your margin of victory. The target's rigid DR protects normally. Flexible armor, including natural DR with the Flexible or Tough Skin limitation, has no effect.

If you cripple your victim's leg, he'll be unable to stand on it. You can inflict no further damage on a crippled limb, but you can continue to roll the Contest each turn. If you win, your target suffers shock and stunning just as if you had inflicted damage.

Rolls to inflict damage are completely passive and don't count as attacks. You can simultaneously make close-combat attacks on your opponent, who defends at -4 in addition to any penalties due to the damage caused by the lock itself. An attempt to throw him using the lock does count as an attack; see Throws from Locks (pp. 118-119).

You can also apply this technique offensively. You must first use Judo or Wrestling to grapple your victim's leg with two hands. If he fails to break free on his next turn, you may try Leg Lock on your next turn.

Leg Lock uses finesse to cripple a foe's limb. For a brute-force technique, see Wrench (Limb) (p. 82).

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