Defaults: Brawling-1 or Karate-1.

Prerequisite: Brawling or Karate; cannot exceed prerequisite skill.

A "hammer fist" is a punch using the side of a clenched fist. This technique includes both the true hammer fist and similar attacks meant to prevent injury to the attacker at the cost of less damage to the target: forearm smashes, punches with the palm or heel of an open hand, etc. In all cases, the striking surface is larger and less rigid than for a normal fist, reducing damage - but it's much harder to injure yourself, making this strike ideal for hard targets.

Roll against Hammer Fist to hit. Damage is thrust-2 plus skill bonuses. If Hurting Yourself (p. B379) would apply, damage is 1/10 of what you roll, not 1/5. Furthermore, you suffer a point less damage if your hand is parried aggressively or with a weapon, or otherwise stopped painfully.

If your hand is crippled, you may use Hammer Fist to deliver a forearm smash. Use the above rules, but any self-inflicted injury affects the arm instead of the hand.

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