Defaults: Boxing-1, Brawling-1, or Karate-1.

Prerequisite: Boxing, Brawling, or Karate; cannot exceed prerequisite skill.

This is a short punch directed upward from a low stance. It delivers a powerful blow to an opponent standing in close. You can only use Uppercut against the upper body - skull, eye, face, neck, torso, arm - of a standing foe. (Exception: If his SM exceeds yours, you can target everything but his feet.) Damage is thrust crushing plus skill bonuses. Your target defends normally.

Uppercut is a very close-range punch. Many fighters throw it after getting their adversary in a clinch with the other arm. Grappling an opponent around the back of his head and punching is illegal in modern sport boxing, but very effective (see Grab and Smash!, p. 118).

Boxing Simplified

Boxing Simplified

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