Banister Sliding

Roll against the better of DX-2 or Acrobatics-2 to slide down a banister at Move 5, regardless of your Move score. This assumes a sitting posture. Roll against Acrobatics-8 if you're standing up! In either case, you can slide until you run out of banister, but you must make this roll once per turn.

Failure means you slip off and land standing on the stairs at a random point along your path; the GM can roll dice or simply choose a spot. Critical failure means you fall off at a random point, pitch headfirst down the stairs, and suffer a collision with the ground at Move 5 - or at Move 7, if you were standing. If the banister had open air on one side, roll 1d on a critical failure. On 1-3, you fall down the stairs as usual; on 4-6, you go over the railing and suffer falling damage!

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