Basic Attacks

A basic attack is any fundamental use of a combat skill that can form the basis of an offensive technique, defining its initial effects and default penalties. A skill's "core" use is the most basic attack of all and defaults at +0. For an unarmed striking skill, this is a hand strike or punch that deals thrust-1 crushing damage (p. B271). For an unarmed grappling skill, this is a grapple (p. B370). For a weapon skill, this is any of the attacks listed in the table entry for that weapon - although not every weapon technique works with every attack. Trickier options include elbow strikes (p. B404, p. 71), grabs (p. B370), kicks (p. B271, pp. 75-76), knee strikes (p. B404, p. 76), shoves (p. B372), slams (p. B371), sweeps (p. B232, p. 81), and throws (p. B203, pp. 75,78-79).

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