Bear Hugs

If you've used two arms or two legs to grapple an opponent's torso, you can squeeze. For this to be effective, your Size Modifier must exceed your victim's! Resolve this as an attempt to strangle; see Choke or Strangle (p. B370). If you lack Constriction Attack (p. B43), you're at -5 in the Quick Contest. Using your legs gives the usual -2 DX and +2 ST (see Using Your Legs, p. 79). Victory inflicts crushing damage - but the torso lacks the neck's x1.5 wounding modifier.

You can try to crush the breath out of your victim without cracking his bones. Roll as above. Victory causes fatigue instead of crushing damage. The GM may permit you to inflict fatigue (not injury) on someone of your SM if he weighs no more than your BLx4.

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