Body Control

see p. B181

Body Control can replace HT when resisting Pressure Points (p. B215), Hand of Death (see Innate Attack, pp. 4547), or chi powers (see Chi Projection, p. 46). Because it's also effective against the Affliction advantage and poisons, as stated in the Basic Set, and can resist chi-based afflictions, the GM might find it simpler to let it replace HT for all rolls to resist the afflictions on pp. B428-429, regardless of origin. Use the rules for flushing poisons to end enduring effects. The skill for identifying chi-based ailments is Esoteric Medicine (p. B192).

In fiction, Body Control is often used to manage injury. It can replace First Aid and Physician when you treat yourself (only) under the rules on pp. B423-425. Effective TL is that of Esoteric Medicine in the campaign - TL3, unless specified otherwise. Body Control serves as First Aid for bandaging and treating shock. If your level is HT+2 or better, you're considered to be in a physician's care when figuring long-term recovery. If you also receive external medical care, you must choose between it and this skill's benefits; the two don't "stack."

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