Body Control

The Body Control power lets you channel your chi internally in order to heal injury, perform amazing athletic feats, purge your body of poison, and so on.

Body Control Talent: You get +1 per level to use any Body Control ability, and can use earned points to acquire new abilities. In some worlds, Inner Balance (p. 47) replaces Body Control Talent and benefits both Body Control abilities and the skills listed for Inner Balance. 5 points/level (15 points/level for Inner Balance).

Body Control Abilities: Breath Holding; Catfall; Damage Resistance, with Tough Skin; Enhanced Defenses (any); Enhanced Move (Ground); Extra Attack, with Multi-Strike; Lifting ST; Metabolism Control; Perfect Balance; Protected Sense (any); Radiation Tolerance; Reduced Consumption; Regeneration; Resistant, to any physical threat; Sensitive Touch; Silence; Striking ST; Super Climbing; Super Jump; Temperature Tolerance; and Universal Digestion.

Power Modifier: Body Control. The advantage is a chi ability within the Body Control power. To maintain it, you must spend a few hours a day exercising and meditating. Take a -10-point Disciplines of Faith or Vow disadvantage to cover this. If you fail to roleplay your disadvantage, your entire power fails the first time you call upon any of its abilities. Once it does, none of your abilities will work and you'll feel ill, suffering an affliction chosen by the GM from those under Irritating Conditions (p. B428); e.g., coughing/sneezing, drowsy, nauseated, or pain. The only cure is to take 1d days out from other activities to rebalance your chi. -10%.

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