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Cherryh, C.J. The Paladin (Baen, 1988). A young warrior forces an old master to accept her as his student - an interesting play on Trained by a Master.

Gemmell, David. Against the Horde (Ace, 1988). An aging warrior goes to battle one last time. Features a Weapon Master and psi-enhanced martial arts. Reissued as Legend in 1997.

Murphy, Warren and Sapir, Richard. The Destroyer (1971-present). A series of 110+ trashy adventure novels. Chiun's Sinanju is an example of an "ultimate style." Good fun! William Murray penned many later titles. Published by Pinnacle, followed by Signet, then Gold Eagle, and most recently Tor.

Perry, Steven. The Man Who Never Missed (Ace, 1985). This and the rest of the "Matador Series" (Matadora, The Machiavelli Interface, etc.) blend science fiction with cinematic martial arts - including Sumito, an "ultimate style."

Zahn, Timothy. The Blackcollar (DAW, 1983). Elite commandos use martial-arts weapons and techniques in a guerilla war against aliens.

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