Burma - now called Myanmar - is surrounded by India, China, and Thailand. Like its neighbors, Burma is home to many martial arts. The collective term for Burmese martial arts is Thaing. This encompasses four major subgroups: unarmed combat (Bando), armed combat (Banshay), boxing (Lethwei), and wrestling (Naban). These arts date to around the 11th century, when they played a role in local warfare.

Bando is a comprehensive system of unarmed combat. It has deep historical roots, but the Japanese invasion in 1942 helped shape its modern form - Japanese unarmed-combat systems influenced it, and guerrillas used it against the Japanese occupiers. Two major schools have emerged since then; these are quite similar in their training. For more information, see Bando (p. 151-152), Banshay (p. 176), and Lethwei (p. 186).

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