Del Duque burst the door with a drop kick and rolled to his feet. Nobody home, but there was the stolen Chinese statue, attached to a machine with a date readout. Carbon dating, perhaps? As he touched the statue, things went black . . .

Kai stepped over the last thug and slipped behind the curtain. There was the Five Tigers Jade Buddha, in the hands of an unconscious, masked man. How odd! She reached for the Buddha.

As Del Duque came to, he saw a petite woman grab for the statue. He tried to warn her: "Peligro!"

Kai seized the Buddha but the fat man hung on, yelling in Spanish. A Mexican bandito! As she summoned her chi for the upcoming battle, the Buddha's eyes flashed. Oh, no ...

Adrian hadn't noticed a trapdoor, but the man and woman who fell from the ceiling were a blessing. They knocked down one of her adversaries, evening the odds.

The other bounty hunter responded by dropping his hatchet and pulling forth a strange device. An instant later, a dagger struck his hand. Adrian capitalized on the distraction, sending her foe to the ground with a vicious blow.

A man with a shortsword stepped from the shadows, glanced at the Buddha, and yelled, "Prof!" Then he turned to the others. "I'm Dai. If you want to get out of this, follow us!"

A good Martial Arts campaign is more than a series of adventures for expert fighters. The GM needs to plan both the setting and his plots with care, and gameplay shouldn't always boil down to a glorified slugfest. Martial-arts fiction - even the backstory of the typical video game - features such classic dramatic fixtures as the attainment of long-sought goals, the rise of heroes, quests (for justice, knowledge, or vengeance), and exotic cultures and locations. The goal of this chapter is to help the GM take advantage of this rich tradition.

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