Chambara Attacks

A trademark of chambara fighting is attacking on the move, striking foes on all sides. In a chambara campaign, the GM should use the expanded rules for Rapid Strike (p. 127) to let martial artists attack as often as their skill allows.

A chambara fighter with more than one melee attack thanks to Extra Attack or All-Out Attack (Double) can "trade" some of these for extra steps on a one-for-one basis. He can insert steps anywhere in his attack sequence - even in the middle of a Combination, Dual-Weapon Attack, or Rapid Strike (none of which can be traded for steps).

Example: Serena has Extra Attack 1, giving her two basic attacks. Taking an Attack maneuver, she converts one into a Rapid Strike for three attacks at -6 apiece (-12, halved for Trained by a Master). She trades the other for a step. With the basic step allowed on an Attack, she gets two steps. She elects to attack, step, attack, step, and attack again!

Naturally, chambara fighters can use both Flying Attack (p. 107) and Acrobatic Attack (p. 107). When making an Acrobatic Attack, add the -2 to Acrobatics to any penalty for a specific stunt and then halve it as usual. Also halve the -2 to attack, making it -1, just like a Flying Attack. The GM should invent suitable techniques to capitalize on this. There are three main varieties:

• Acrobatic attacks that let the hero buy off the -4 to hit for a Move and Attack and -1 for an Acrobatic Attack, and ignore the skill limit of 9 when doing so. These have a basic default of -6.

• Flying attacks that permit the fighter to eliminate the -4 to hit for a Move and Attack and -1 for a Flying Attack, and bypass the skill limit of 9. These also have a default of -6.

• Spinning attacks that allow the martial artist to reduce the -5 to hit for a Wild Swing and avoid the usual skill cap of 9. These, too, default at -6.

See Creating New Techniques (pp. 89-95) for details. The benefits of these techniques are not "free" to everybody with Trained by a Master or Weapon Master. However, warriors with one of these advantages, Acrobatics and Jumping at DX, and at least a point in an offensive technique may attempt an "acrobatic," "flying," or "spinning" version of their technique at default (-6), with benefits as described above.

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