Chambara Movement

Mighty leaps and acrobatic flips almost define the genre. In a chambara campaign, a fighter with Trained by a Master or Weapon Master and both Acrobatics and Jumping at DX level or better may leap his full jumping distance in combat, contrary to Jumping During Combat (p. B352). Work out high- and broad-jump distance - for standing and running jumps - and record it on the character sheet to avoid having to figure it out in play. This greatly benefits Flying Attacks (p. 107) and evading by jumping (see Evading, p. 105).

The GM should allow Acrobatic Stand (p. 98) and Acrobatic Movement (pp. 105-107), and halve all penalties for these stunts (rounding in the negative direction). For instance, the penalty for Acrobatic Stand becomes -3. In the case of multiple, cumulative penalties, find the final penalty and halve the total.

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