Jon Gilbey shouted, "No, Adrian. The high guard!" Less loudly, ""Whatever possessed me to teach a girl?"

Adrian smiled sweetly and repositioned her splintery waster. "The fact that Tom would teach me if you would not?"

Jon blushed and then focused on the business at hand. "Here we go," he said, swinging his wooden blade. "One, two, three!"

Adrian parried expertly.

Jon nodded approvingly. "Again! One, two - ow!"

Adrian's weapon snaked past Jon's and knocked him on the head. Adrian smiled again. "You said not to be predictable."

Jon rubbed his head. "Oh, you aren't. I wonder often which of us is the teacher here."

Any adventurer might know a few combat skills and be a capable fighter, but these things alone don't make him a

martial artist. A true martial artist strives to master a system of fighting arts. He's dedicated to physical, mental, and possibly spiritual self-improvement in pursuit of that goal. He probably started training as a youth and has devoted far more than just his free time to learning and practicing his craft since then.

Such a lifestyle is usually only practical for those who are cloistered . . . or skilled enough to work as professional fighters, coaches, or instructors . . . or fortunate enough to be independently wealthy or have a generous patron. To hold a normal job and still be an accomplished and recognized martial artist requires almost fanatical determination! In game terms, the GM would be within his rights to forbid Laziness to such characters, require high Will, and perhaps even make one or more of Fanaticism, Obsession, and Workaholic mandatory.

On the other hand, law enforcers, soldiers, and others in occupations that bring them into contact with physically hostile individuals commonly learn to fight as part of their job. And anyone might take self-defense lessons or practice a sportive martial art to stay in shape. Such people aren't full-time martial artists like those discussed above, but they can justify being familiar with a fighting style and knowing its core skills and techniques - especially since their teachers often are career martial artists, supporting themselves by tutoring.

Martial Arts supports both kinds of characters. The difference has to do with focus, not with who would win in a fight. A career martial artist should put most of his points into ST, DX, HT, physical advantages, and his style's skills and techniques. A part-time student can certainly be in similar physical shape. He might be a good fighter, too -maybe better than a dedicated athlete, when it comes to playing for keeps. He'll have fewer points in martial-arts abilities, though, and probably no points in his style's cinematic or optional traits (see Chapter 5).

Power Level

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