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Martial Arts mostly treats passive chi abilities as advantages (e.g., Resistant to Chi Abilities) while modeling active ones as cinematic skills - Lizard Climb, Power Blow, etc. - in order to make them easier to tie into the styles in Chapter 5. Comic books and video games, however, often depict all such capabilities as something akin to psi powers or super-powers. They might be evident at birth, awakened by initiation or ordeal, or even learned (see Learnable Advantages, p. B294).

Like a psi power, a chi power consists of a set of advantages that must be bought with a power modifier (see Power Modifier, p. B254). Adept users may purchase levels of a Talent that aids die rolls to use those abilities, comparable to a psionic Talent (see Psionic Talents, p. B255). Below are two examples.

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Heal Yourself With Qi Gong

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