Chi Projection

The Chi Projection power lets you direct your chi externally in order to blast enemies, project force fields, fly, and so forth.

Chi Projection Talent: You get +1 per level to use any Chi Projection ability, and can use earned points to acquire new abilities. In some worlds, Forceful Chi (p. 47) replaces Chi Projection Talent and benefits both Chi Projection abilities and the skills listed for Forceful Chi. 5 points/level (15 points/level for Forceful Chi).

Chi Projection Abilities: Damage Resistance, with Force Field; Flight; Healing; Obscure (any); Rapier Wit, with Based on HT; Scanning Sense (Para-Radar); Terror, with Based on HT; and Vibration Sense. Chi Projection can justify nearly any Affliction or Innate Attack - and sometimes Telekinesis. The GM will usually restrict you to one or two "signature" attacks and set an upper limit on damage. Be sure to come up with elaborate names and special effects for your attacks! See Innate Attack (pp. 45-47) for examples.

Power Modifier: Chi Projection. The advantage is a chi ability within the Chi Projection power. Otherwise, this is identical to the Body Control limitation. -10%.

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