Cinematic Injury

Characters in martial-arts films commonly have an unrealistic capacity for surviving brutal punishment. In some tales, the hero takes a beating, then gets a second wind and wins the fight. In others, fighters are simply hurt less by fists, feet, etc., than by blades, bullets, fire, and poison. Flesh Wounds (p. B417) can simulate the first type of "realism." Exotic advantages offer other ways to handle both situations.

Regeneration is an excellent alternative for second winds. Damage Resistance, Injury Tolerance, and piles of HP are handy for warriors who can absorb massive damage. See Advantages (pp. 42-53) and Extra Hit Points (p. 49) for discussions of these traits in Martial Arts campaigns, and Desirable Advantages (p. 43) for some related traits.

The GM decides who can possess these capabilities. He might make them available only to those with Trained by a Master or Weapon Master. He might make them options or mandatory "campaign advantages" for all PCs and important NPCs. It's even possible to give everyone in the game world such traits - at least in a silly game. If so, the GM should consider applying the advantages' effects without charging points. If everybody is super-tough, it isn't an advantage worth noting.


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